No one can have a happy, healthy home with a dirty little secret hiding in their heat pump.


Without regular service and cleaning, dust and mold can build up and eventually your heat pump will start to push out not-so-clean air. A poorly maintained system also reduces the cost-saving benefits of this form of heating. Just 1mm of dust can increase running costs by 20%! Should a poorly maintained system fail prematurely, manufacturers and/or suppliers will be more likely to reject any warranty claim.


Fortunately, help is at hand!


The friendly team at HPVS can clean, vacuum, and restore your heat pump to operate at full capacity. Regular filter cleans and annual checks ensure the optimum comfort and efficiency of your system. We recommend that you have your unit cleaned every 12 months.


HPVS offers a comprehensive service program which is guaranteed to keep your heat pump/air conditioning system running efficiently for the next six months. Click here to discover what this program involves.


Contact us to arrange an obligation-free quote at your home.

HPVS Maintenance Servicing

Dust/mold/Algae on outdoor heat exchanger

HPVS Maintenance Servicing

Dust/mold on indoor fan

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